Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Month=Another Blog!

I'm kid free tonight and just came in from a run so I figured I would blog! I know Thanksgiving isn't even here but I am SO ready for Christmas (without actually being ready) this year! The Christmas spirit is starting to kick in! Earlier in the week, on my way into work I passed a Christmas sale banner and thought to myself, "I can't believe Christmas ads are already out! That's absurd!" That same day Christmas music is blaring through my office, by who else? That's right....Yours truely!! I don't know what came over me, but I found myself being attracted to every Christmas Pandora station imaginable! Jamie and Nate, the fellas that I work with, are such good sports and let me sing along to every version of "Let It Snow" and "Winter Wonderland", without telling me to SHUT UP!! I haven't started any shopping just yet, although I have been browsing online to get some ideas and I think QVC may be the way to go this year! I really am my mom's daughter! haha I remember ripping on her for buying so much from them, but they really do have some great deals! There's my plug for QVC, can I at least get a discount? Worth a shot! Hillary and Cole are getting super excited for Santa to come this year! They are at such a great age! I think that's why I'm so excited this year. Seeing their excitement reminds me of the magical feelings of the holidays! They have been working on their list to Santa. He is going to have a sled full if he brings everything on their list!

Ricky Stowes (or whatever his made up name was in the last blog) is doing great! I think I'll just start calling him Mr. Big, like Carrie! That's way easier to keep up with! lol We are living far apart so it's a bit of a challange. Big came out for a visit a few weeks ago and we had a blast! He was able to stay for pretty much a whole week. It was nice to spend time with one another. We didn't do alot and mostly stayed in. I introduced him to NC's own, Cheerwine and BBQ! He gave them 2 thumbs up! I wasn't surprised about that! We are trying to plan another trip soon, just not sure if he'll come back before I go there first or not.

This blog was mostly a catch up so I'll try to hit on specific topics soon! In the meantime, I'm outty for bed. I ran 3 miles tonight and really have to try to get up early in the am to do the same since I won't have time tomorrow night. This gal's got a busy social life when the kids are away.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Buns Are Done!!!

My cousin Shannon, went into labor yesteray afternoon. She called Jennifer with the news that she was going into the hospital after her doctor's appointment and then Jennifer called me to pass along the word! After work I traveled down to Randleman to pick up Jennifer. We loaded up the party wagon (my van), just us, and headed to Women's Hospital-Room 166! When we got there Shannon had just gotten her epideral and feeling pretty good other than having "the jitters" from the medicine.

I noticed a note on the door before we entered that no more than 3 people were allowed in her room at a time. HAHA....Apparently, Women's Hosptal doesn't know how the Jenkins family rolls! We come in packs! Jennifer and I arrived when Shannon was visiting with Shawn's mom and Jami. Shawn soon arrived after a trip back to the house to get some extra forgotten about items. If you are any good at math, that equaled 5 people in the room at once! All of a sudden Shannon's monitor's going off, which then set off our "hide and seek" buttons! Me and Jennifer made a mad dash behind the couch so we wouldn't get thrown out of the room. The nurse came in to check Shannon's vitals and monitors and it felt like an eternity! Our legs were going a tad bit numb from kneeling in the fetal position in such a small space for such a period of time. Knowing that the nurses back was facing me, I popped my head up for a breath of fresh air, that was until Shannon spotted me and started laughing, which sent me into a dive back onto the floor before I was caught. It took all that was in me not to bust out laughing and blow our cover!

Soon after the nurse left I had to take a much needed leg stretch break so Jami and I headed to the vending station and waiting area by the nursery. The party was really about to get started. Pam (Shannon's mom), Andrew (Shannon's brother), Grandma, and Grandpa came rolling up into the hospital around midnight. Several trips of different groups of two kept going back and switching up to visit with Shannon. I think I went back to see her around 1 AM-1:30 AM and her contractions were really going hard and fast and back to back. She was feeling alot of pressure so I knew it would be no time before this little booger was born! I predicted that he would be born by 2:30 AM. Boy, I was wrong. It wasn't too long after that predicted time that the update was that she needed to have a C-Section because the baby was too big for her to birth. Shannon is a very petite gal! Anywho....Baby Jamison was finally born at 3:15 AM, weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 3/4 in. long!!

Jamison, we are so excited that you are here! You took your time coming out, but that's ok! As soon as we were able to take a peek at this sweet little sight, Jennifer and I headed for the hills. I had to drive her back home to Franklinville then home. I got home at 5:15 AM and woke up at 7:40 AM, having to be at work by 9 AM! I hope this day goes by fast, cause I am exhausted!

I'm glad that I could be a part of this special day! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!! <3

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Last week I was able to meet up with Michelle & Alex Hollwell, and Jennifer for dinner and dress up! After a long day at work I met them over at Mimi's Cafe for a great homecooked style dinner and the night was followed up with a rummage through the racks of Belk! Here are a few pics from this night. It was a blast! :)

Alex had some difficulties....

These pants look great on you!

Alex's Prom Dress...She's bringin' sexy back!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Mama Mia"

I have recently become a fan of "Mama Mia" the movie, as well as the music. I loved the movie so much that I had to go out to get the soundtrack. The kids and I jam out to the music almost on a daily basis to and from school and home! During a recent night out with a couple of the girls, Jennifer decides to make her very own music video from this soundtrack. Starring, Yours Truely and Jammin' Jenn! Take a peek...

Don't Crack On My Hat!

Cole has a favorite hat that he wears while playing around the house. We got it from one of our many zoo trips. I can't help but smile everytime I see him running around with a pink flamingo on his head. It's the best if your on one side of the couch and he's running along on the opposite side. All you can see is the flamingo flying back and forth! The funniest thing!

"We all scream for ice cream..."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"You Know He Be Ti-aahhed"

A perfect stranger's reaction to "Cubby dances to Single Ladies", a video on Jennifer, Michelle, and I were at Fuddruckers on Saturday night and I showed them this video and as they were watching it this girl started singing along to the Beyonce hit, not realizing what we were watching so we decided to share the awsomeness with her and this was her reaction....